Thursday, August 9, 2012

'ParaNorman' Scares Up Friendly Audience at Universal Citywalk Premiere

Norman and a couple of undead friends on the ParaNorman "green" carpet.
There were zombies, teen starlets and ogling fans rocking the "green" carpet last Sunday at the premiere of stop-motion animated film ParaNorman at Universal Citywalk.

Face-painted kids (some with famous parents like Wayne Brady, Dave Foley and Leslie Mann) were out in force, ready to check out the new kids' pic from LAIKA (makers of Coraline) and Focus Features, which officially opens on Aug. 17.

CC was one of those kids, albeit without the face paint, and she had a great time walking the carpet with Ian, getting her picture (and video!) taken with director Sam Fell and watching the zombie-riffic ParaNorman. (While she was admittedly creeped out by the movie at first, she was cheering Norman on by the end.)

Keep in mind that the film is geared toward tweens and teens, and little ones might get a bit freaked out.

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Back on the carpet, I had fun talking to director Sam Fell, writer Chris Butler, actor Jeff Garlin (who voices Norman's dad) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (who voices Norman).

In fact, here are a couple of my video interviews, with Fell and Smit-McPhee. Enjoy!

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