Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: 'My Little Pony -- Friendship Is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding' DVD

If you remember anything about how much fun CC had at the My Little Pony "Bridle Shower" at Royal/T earlier this year, then you'll have a good idea of just how excited she was when she found out I had received the My Little Pony -- Friendship Is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding DVD to review.

Saying I was the best mom ever would be an understatement.

The DVD (SRP: $14.97), from Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios, hit store shelves today, and it's definitely a must-have for all of those pony fans out there. The disc features not only the two-part royal wedding drama (yes, there's serious pony drama here!), but also three additional episodes, sing-alongs and coloring sheets.

The royal wedding episodes aired on The Hub TV network, but here's a brief rundown. When Twilight Sparkle finds out her older brother, Shining Armor, is getting married -- via invitation as opposed to hearing it straight from the, ahem, horse's mouth -- she gets more than a little upset. When she finds out that he's marrying Cadence, Princess Celestia's niece, a beloved figure from her past, things seem to take a turn for the easier. But there's something mysterious and strange in the works, and Twilight Sparkle has to figure it out before things get really crazy.

CC adores the two-part Canterlot Wedding, and she also loved that there were bonus episodes, such as Hearts and Hooves Day, in which a love potion is actually a love poison.

What she enjoys so much is that each pony has such a distinct personality and that they all look so different. She even quizzed me on the color of each one's hair the other day. (The catchy songs don't hurt, either.)

So two thumbs up for this DVD. I already know it's going to get a lot of use.

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