Monday, December 2, 2013

'The Rose Tree' Welcomes All Kids

While CC and I have been focused on movies lately (see what she said about Disney's Frozen!), we also had the chance to catch a workshop production of a play from a local writer.

The Rose Tree, written by Angela Berliner, is a kid-friendly play about "a sheltered but brave 12-year-old heiress named Sarah who wants to find her missing father by means of the Rose Tree, a magical place in the forest that sends lost girls to their true homes."

The play, whose workshop production was on stage at Artworks Theatre in Hollywood, was a whimsical fairy tale that really appealed to kids' (and adults') sense of belonging.

I loved that the lead character was a girl (who happened to be way more practical and thoughtful than her scrappy traveling companion, Hanzi) and that the story offered a kind of refuge for kids with all sorts of personalities.

And speaking of personalities, CC's favorite character was by far a girl named Astrid, an orphan who seemed reminiscent of Pippi Longstocking. She was funny and load and carried around a plunger -- always good for laughs.

You might remember Berliner from our outings to other plays from L'Enfant Terrible. Remember the kid-friendly Shakespeare adaptations King O'Leary (a CC fave) and Hamlet, Prince of Puddles?

While I did enjoy the play, what I especially loved was the fact that there is kid-friendly theater here in Los Angeles. And, although the production is still in the works, I hope to see the fully produced version of The Rose Tree in our city soon.


Unknown said...

Hip hip hooray for Angela!!

Allison Van Dusen said...

Loved CC's review. 3 kinds of love? Did I say that?

L.A. Story said...

Angela is definitely talented!

And thank, Allison! She always cracks me up. :)


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