Friday, January 17, 2014

Coming Attraction: 'Dinosaur Train: Nature Trackers Adventure Camp' on PBS Kids

CC has read and re-read lift-the-flap book 'Buddy and the Nature Trackers.'
Parents, it's time to start thinking about camp. And what better way to ease into it than with the upcoming Dinosaur Train special 1-hour episode, Nature Trackers Adventure Camp! It premieres on PBS Kids January 20 (check local listings).

We got a sneak peek of the episode and the accompanying lift-the-flap book, Buddy and the Nature Trackers, which lets kids check out facts in a fun way. What kid doesn't like interacting with hands-on books?

And what a great way for kids to learn about geology and paleontology -- as well as friendship and family with our Pteranodon pals -- before spring break even arrives!

Some of the dino adventures include rafting and ziplining, where Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don learn about rivers and erosion, as well as the different ecosystems within a mountain forest.

Check out the episode's descriptions below, and enjoy!

Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don go river rafting for the first time at Nature Adventure's Tracking Camp.  Their old pal Jess Hesperornis meets up with them and they all learn about erosion and the importance of rivers, before finishing up their adventure by cruising through some rapids!

For their second outing at Nature Trackers Adventure Camp, Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don and other friends learn about the tree line as they set out to hike up a mountain.  Shiny is determined to get to the top of mountain forest. Buddy wonders if they'll be able to see anything from the mountaintop, through the tall trees.  The kids are amazed that the higher they hike, the shorter trees and bushes get!  Then they reach the tree line – a certain point on the mountain, where trees are really small because they don't have enough air to breathe and the temperature is too cold.  In the end, Shiny and all the kids use teamwork to all reach the mountaintop together!

The Nature Trackers Adventure Campers are back for another adventure and this time they'll be travelling to a rainforest!  Once they arrive in the dense rainforest, the campers explore different levels of the ecosystem, including the forest floor and the canopy of leaves at the top of the forest.  After a hike through the rainforest, the campers' fun adventure culminates as each kid takes a ride on a zip line, where they all get a bird's eye view of the entire rainforest!

The Nature Trackers Adventure Campers are led by Mr. Conductor and Gilbert on a hike down a canyon, where they can see the different layers of the Mesozoic Era! At first Lily Lambeosaurus is reluctant to go, thinking that a new adventure sounds hard, but Don convinces her that a new adventure can be worth the effort. At the bottom of the canyon, the kids dig for fossils. Each Nature Tracker goes home with a "new" Ammonite fossil, and Lily is so glad she tried something new!

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