Friday, January 3, 2014

Goodbye, Sassy

CC took this pic of Sassy after placing a giant bow on her head.
Yesterday, we lost such a sweet, docile and loving part of our family. Sassy was 11 years old, and I can't believe she's gone.

I rescued her from an animal shelter in Burbank about five months after I moved to Los Angeles. It was actually my second trip to the shelter. I had come looking for a different cat, which had already been rescued, when I saw her. She kept walking up to the front of her cage, happily asking to be taken home and loved.

Ian had been there, too, and said, "What about this one?"

CC made this sign for Sassy before we had to let her go.
She was the sweetest cat I've ever known -- always ready to jump on my lap and purr anytime I sat down.

When CC came into the world, Sassy loved her instantly, forming an unbreakable bond that included indignities such as being sat on, climbed over, toted around and yes -- as you can see in the above pic -- even dressed and accessorized.

She was tolerant of Will's rowdiness, too. He would shout his baby screams in her face, pat her tummy just a little too hard (which we tried to correct), but he would also lay his head down on her body and smile. I wish I had gotten a pic of that just once, but he always moved before I could fumble around and get the camera.

Yesterday was so hard. Watching my daughter finally break down in tears after realizing what everything meant. Watching my loyal cat fade away.

It was a gorgeous, peaceful day, though. The sun was shining, sheets of sun rays sliding down in between buildings.

She is loved -- and will always be loved.


Crystal said...

Awww - so sorry for your loss. We have an elderly dog and I know this day will come for us too and I'm most dreading how Maisie will react to it. Wishing Sassy peace and endless supplies of cat nip!

Little Gray Pixel said...

*Hugs* Laura. So sad to hear this.

L.A. Story said...

Thank you so much, Crystal and Vanessa. It's been a rough few days, as you can imagine, but it's nice remember what a great pet she was. :)


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