Friday, February 28, 2014

Coming Attraction: The Legendary Cronut at The Grove

The real Cronut (Photo courtesy Dominique Ansel Bakery)

Speaking of New York ... when we were in the Big Apple, I was semi-determined to score an actual Cronut.

Have you heard of those?

They're the donut/croissant hybrid made famous (and trademarked) by Chef Dominique Ansel.

Well, I say "semi," because we had a lot on our plates, so to speak. (I know, I still need to post about our amazing trip!)

Anyway, Angelenos have a chance tomorrow to score an actual, real-life Cronut -- not one of those imitation "dossaints," or whatever they're called.

Chef Ansel will be at Barneys New York at The Grove on Saturday, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and he'll have those delicious-looking Cronuts on-hand. (Limit 2 per customer.)

It's the first time the pastry has been offered outside of New York. (We're so lucky!) Not only that, but sales will benefit Heart of Los Angeles, a nonprofit that provides underserved youth with academics, arts and athletics.

Even better!

And, speaking of donuts, have you heard about the new Glazed Donut Bistro in West Hollywood? They offer "donuts for grown-ups," with gorgeous donuts paired with wines, beers and coffee.

Cheers to that, too!

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