Friday, February 7, 2014

Elizabeth Banks Talks Girl Power and 'The LEGO Movie'

Elizabeth Banks talks "The LEGO Movie" at Legoland.
The LEGO Movie hits theaters today, and CC and I headed down to Legoland recently for a press junket with actress and mom Elizabeth Banks.

Banks -- and the movie, for that matter -- are both really funny, and I loved hearing her stories about her young sons, Felix and Magnus.

Check out my interview with her here, on

Banks told us about her girl-power LEGO character Wyldstyle, the time she played "bar" with her sister as a kid -- and got in a little bit of trouble -- as well as the time her older son kicked her baby son in the chest (eek!). After that awesomeness, CC and I spent a fun mother-daughter day at the park.

We slid down slides, took a fairytale boat ride and checked out amazing LEGO structures, like the mini Eiffel Tower and mini Mount Rushmore.

Oh, and CC rode a LEGO horse. Amazing!

Saddling up at Legoland.

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