Saturday, May 31, 2014

Coming Attraction: 'WordGirl' Appreciation Week

It's my son's favorite video series on the PBS Kids iPhone app, and she's got a special week coming her way starting June 2. It's WordGirl!

And because May's Word of the Month happens to be "Appreciate," it's the perfect lead-in for the five new upcoming WordGirl episodes that teach kids the meaning of appreciation.

Check local listings for when the episodes will air, but tune in as WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face fight crime around their fair city and teach citizens the value of proper grammar. They'll also show kiddos what it means to appreciate something.

Here are some easy WordGirl tips to help kids understand "appreciation":

Manners matter! – Even a small gesture of gratefulness can really make a person’s day, whether it’s saying “thanks” or giving a heartfelt compliment. Have your child send a “thank you” note to show their appreciation for someone special. “Thank you” cards don’t just have to be for receiving gifts!

Adopt an attitude of gratitude! – Encourage your child to take the time to recognize what they appreciate by making a list of all the things and people they’re thankful for. Have them try adding something new to the list each week. Then, kick the gratitude up a notch by encouraging them to do a good deed every day such as walking a neighbor’s dog, offering up their seat on the bus or train or simply holding the door open for someone.

Commit to giving back! – Make giving back to your community a frequent habit for your family. Volunteering is a great way to show you care, as is giving to a local charity. Engage your child in gathering up their old clothes, books and toys to donate. It will go a long way toward assisting others, while also helping your child learn to appreciate all that they have!

Hand over responsibility!
 – Show your child what it feels like to be in someone else’s shoes for a while. Try role-playing and let your child be the “mom” or “dad” for the day, assisting with some of your responsibilities. It’s a great way to help them develop a deeper appreciation for all that moms and dads do for the family each day!

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