Wednesday, May 7, 2014

REDCAT International Children's Film Festival 2014 -- A Kids' Film Tradition Continues!

CC and I hit REDCAT this weekend for a fun batch of films
Short films from Germany, Iran and South Korea, among other countries, were on the play list this weekend, as CC and I made our way downtown to REDCAT's annual International Children's Film Festival.

Some of CC's favorites included Papa Cloudy, an American short film about a cloud that heads to the desert to provide some much-needed rain. Made from felt pieces, the cloud and its blue tears are sweet and so full of character.

The Japanese film Twins in Bakery is an adorable take on what happens when a couple of little sausages take over a bakery after closing time. All the food suddenly comes alive, complete with adorable animal faces.

Noodle Fish, a film from South Korea, explores a fish's curiosity of what's above the water -- while using uncooked noodles as the medium. There's a clever ending, too!

There's still one more weekend left of the festival! Check out info here:

12:00 pm   Take Wing
1:30 pm     Paint Me A Story: Animation from Around the Globe
3:00 pm     Experiencia! Films from Latin America
12:00 pm   Talk to the Animals
1:30 pm     Earthwise
3:00 pm     Cinema Magic
REDCAT International Children's Film Festival
April 26-May 11 (Weekends)
631 W. 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tickets: $5

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