Monday, September 15, 2014

Getting Chummy with Donut Friend

CC designed her own donut at Donut Friend.
Yes, there's been a lot of talk about — and crazy long lines at — the new Dunkin' Donuts in Santa Monica. I've driven by a few times over the last couple of weeks, and my hopes have been seriously dashed each time as I saw a line of donut-hungry Angelenos snaking around the block.

The block!

Honestly, I get it. Donuts are amazing. And West Coasters finally getting a taste of that East Coast-born treat is a dream come true.

Don't forget, though, that we have a lot of amazing donuts here in Los Angeles. People have gotten creative in this city when it comes to the circular dessert, and Donut Friend in Highland Park is the product of one of them.

CC and I visited a few weeks ago when we were in the neighborhood. It's not that often that we get to that part of LA, but I was not about to pass up the donut opportunity once we were there.

Yummy donuts at Donut Friend
The donuts at the down-to-earth Donut Friend are super gourmet, with selections that include a lemon curd, blueberry compote combo with mint, as well as a chocolate glazed kicked up a notch with cayenne pepper. Don't worry if you're not up for the flash. They have the usual suspects (like the delicious crumb variety), too.

There's even a DIY element, which allows you to choose your donut, topping and filling. Just be sure to tell the kids that they won't be making the donuts themselves. CC was a little huffy when she realized the employees would create the donut she ordered.

"It says DIY, Mommy," she protested. "Do it YOURSELF!"

Even so, we'll have to go back. While CC opted for the glazed donut with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles, I have a feeling we'll go a little crazier next time. I'm thinking Caramel Assault or Nutellavision!

Donut Friend
5107 York Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90042


Vanessa @ Little Gold Pixel said...

Umm, Srirachosin?!? Too bizarre to pass that one by.

L.A. Story said...

You have to go and take the fam!


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