Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy 6th Blogiversary!

Happy 6 years, L.A. Story! I can't believe it's been a whole six years since I started this blog -- back when CC was a toddler and I was fairly new to this whole parenting thing!

It's funny. In a way, this blog has become my second baby -- well, third, actually -- and every year, like a mom recalling her first labor and delivery for the umpteenth time, I recall the first blog post I ever wrote, back in September 2008.

I really feel #blessed for all the people I've met and for all of the wonderful activities, CC, Will and I have gotten to enjoy because of this blog. It's been so amazing! Here's to many more!

And here are six super-cool things we did this year that I'd recommend for all Angelenos:

1. Visited "The Chill" at the Queen Mary

2. Catching family-friendly theater at The Wallis

3. Gotta love Bob Baker's Marionettes!

4. The amazingly cool James Turrell exhibit at LACMA

5. Baby's first Big!World!Fun!

6. And, of course, visited a cool new(ish) donut shop

Photo credit: Town & Country


Vanessa @ Little Gold Pixel said...

Congrats on the blogiversary! You made me stop and count how long I've been blogging, and I just realized my six years is coming up in November. Crazy! Feels like yesterday.

Laura said...

OMG, that's right! It's funny how time flies -- and how kids grow. Thanks for the well wishes, Vanessa. :) Happy (early) 6th to you, too. :)


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