Thursday, December 11, 2014

Moms' Night Out, Eppa Sangria Style!

Yvonne Condes (center), Jamie Lynne Grumet (right) and I toast to Eppa Sangria! (Photo credit: Lori Yohe/The Purple Tree Photography)
Several moms and I had the opportunity to indulge in a little Moms' Night Out a few weeks ago, when the always lovely Romy Schorr of Romy Raves hosted a fun night in West Hollywood to spotlight the tasty Eppa Sangria.

Moms and other fashionable ladies from around L.A. met on the rooftop of the boutique Petit Ermitage hotel and sipped the seriously delicious beverage, which is packed with superfruits, organically grown grapes and boasts more antioxidants than regular wine. (If that isn't reason enough to raise a glass, then I don't know what is!)

Eppa Sangria (Photo credit: Lori Yohe/The Purple Tree Photography)
While we had the opportunity to sample the red and white varieties, Manly Handz mobile spa was also on hand to give hand and foot massages to guests. Honestly, I almost felt guilty leaving Ian at home with the kiddos for the night. It was so great! (#SorryNotSorry)

We also made all-natural facial masks and had a pair of wine glasses personalized with special messages.

Nothing like catching up with friends over sips and snacks -- while getting a massage at that! -- to rejuvenate you during the sometimes stressful holidays.

However, we'll definitely be adding Eppa to our grocery lists when we shop for Christmas, New Year's or just a Friday night celebration!

Thanks, Romy! Cheers!

Romy Raves about Eppa Sangria at the Petit Ermitage hotel in West Hollywood! (Photo credit: Lori Yohe/The Purple Tree Photography) 

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