Thursday, March 12, 2015

'Cinderella' + 'Insurgent': Two Films That Show Different Sides of Girl Power

"Cinderella," starring Lily James (photo credit: Disney)
While we might not readily associate the fairy tale "Cinderella" with "girl power" exactly, director Kenneth Branagh and producers Allison Shearmur (who's also a mom) and David Barron wanted to update the story with a strong female character who wasn't sitting around, waiting on a prince.

Not only that, but as Shearmur said at a press conference earlier this month, the live-action film's creators wanted to show that "kindness is cool."

Lily James talked to me over at at the same press conference about her portrayal of "Cinderella" and what she thinks little girls can take from it.

"Cinderella" hits theaters March 13.

"Insurgent" is the follow-up film to the dystopian book-turned-movie "Divergent," starring Shailene Woodley as a kick-ass rebel who is trying to just stay alive while finding out a secret that her parents took to their graves.

At a recent press conference, I had the chance to speak with actress-mom Naomi Watts, who plays Evelyn in "Insurgent." Her character is a mother, too, but she's made a decision Watts can't imagine ever making.

Check out what she had to say at

"Insurgent" hits theaters March 20.

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