Monday, April 27, 2015

'Wild Kratts: Shark-Tastic' DVD Gets Kids Excited About Ocean Life

The Kratt brothers are back, and this time they're exploring underwater creatures, including the great white shark.

And CC and Will couldn't get enough of it!

We had the chance to check out PBS Kids' "Wild Kratts: Shark-tastic!" on DVD (SRP: $12.99), which was released earlier this month, and the kids (and I) were happy to learn about sea life such as the Pacific octopus, sea turtles and the great white shark.

There's even a creature quiz on the DVD itself: "How many teeth can a great white shark lose in its lifetime?" (Read on to find out!)

The 60-minute DVD includes four episodes, with each focusing on a different animal -- and different creature powers.

In "Octopus Wildkratticus," Martin accidentally knocks the creature power suits into a deep Arctic trench, so Aviva then takes the brothers deep-sea diving in her new octopod submarine to find the suits. In the meantime, they meet up with an octopus and have to employ its same survival techniques -- ink defense, jet propulsion -- to make sure they survive, too.

"Tortuga Tune Up" has the gang learning more about sea turtles, as Aviva builds a vehicle with a tortuga turtle design. But something's not quite right.

In "Speaking Dolphinese," the Kratt brothers and their team are ready to decode the secret language of dolphins, but a great white shark might have other plans for their dolphin friends.

Finally, in "Stuck on Sharks," Martin and Chris use Aviva's remora rocket sub to "stick with" a female great white shark only to learn that the predator has her own challenges to contend with. Not only that, but the great white might even help the Kratts discover what it's like to witness the birth of great white shark pups.

The kids always enjoy the Kratt brothers, especially the fun adventures and equally fun facts about animals. The brothers also seamlessly weave in real-life animal exploration with animated fun, making each episode a real learning experience.

And speaking of learning experiences, to answer the quiz question above (thanks to the back of the DVD box), a great white shark may "use and lose more than a thousand teeth in its lifetime."


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