Thursday, August 13, 2015

Coming Attraction: 'Dinotrux' on Netflix

"Dinotrux" premieres on Netflix on August 14.
If you're going to mix two kid-friendly favorites, you can't go wrong with dinosaurs and trucks!

"Dinotrux," a new animated series from DreamWorks Animation, is doing just that. The original series will premiere on Netflix tomorrow, and the kiddos are eager to check it out.

In this prehistoric "Mechazoic" era, a Tyrannosaurus Rex-megaton excavator named Ty Rux explores a landscape filled with other species of Dinotrux, resourceful reptiles combined with construction vehicles, as well as hand tools called the Reptools. There's also a baddie named D-Structs whose motto is: "I don't share."

The team includes a brainy Reptool named Revvit (lizard + rotary drill), as well as sassy Skya, the Craneosaur (brachiosaurus + construction crane); daredevil Ton-Ton, the Ankylodump (ankylosaurus + dump truck); and Dozer, a grumpy but kind-hearted Dozeratops (triceratops + bulldozer).

The Dinotrux and Reptool gang work together, forging strong friendships, as they build a better world around them.

Check out a clip here:

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