Monday, August 31, 2015

Munchkin Parents' Night Out Turned Out to Be a 'Miracle'

Munchkin 360 Cups at the company's Parents' Night Out
Munchkin offered up a fun night out for parents last week when the baby- and kid-friendly product company invited moms, dads and kiddos to visit its super-cool headquarters in Van Nuys.

And when I say cool, I mean modern art covering all the walls, no doors in offices and a courtyard lunch area that boasts basketball hoops and street art murals. Were we at a baby-focused company or an intriguing hands-on gallery at LACMA?

Basically, it was amazing.

While parents had the opportunity to indulge in tasty hors d'oeuvres in neon-colored bottles, literally sip drinks out of sippy cups, sample delicious Sugarfina candy in snack containers, and get a makeup touch-up from Glam Squad, the kiddos, well, they got to do the same — only water instead of wine for them. (And babysitters, thankfully, were on hand to help out.)

Besides ogling their offices, I fixed my eye on their Miracle 360 spoutless sippy cup. (SRP: $7) It's really beyond cool. And when my picky 8-year-old claims one for her own, you know you've succeeded with your design.

What's cool about the cup for kids about Will's age is that there's no spout, which is dentist recommended, and it doesn't spill. It. Does. Not. Spill. That's because the 360 degree drinking edge reseals after kids sip from it. I love it! Will literally turned it upside down on the floor, and nothing leaked out.

Now, both Will and CC want to drink from it at breakfast and dinner and have it packed in their lunches.

At parents' night out, apparently everybody wins!

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