Monday, September 21, 2015

'Sheriff Callie' Rides Into the Autry

Will and I catch a screening of Disney Channel's "Sheriff Callie" at The Autry.
A cute little kitty in a pink hat and spurs rode into the Autry National Center two weekends ago, and Will and I got to check her out first hand. Not only that, but Will was able to cowboy up at the Western heritage museum as well.

"Sheriff Callie's Wild West," the hit Disney Channel show, picked up the perfect "pardner" in the Autry. The pair invited little wranglers and their families to come out to the L.A. museum and color, make badges, watch episodes of the show, make music, rope a (wooden) steer and even pan for gold.

Will was ecstatic!

If you haven't seen the animated series, Sheriff Callie is a sweet and spunky kitty who wants to make sure her town of Nice and Friendly Corners stays, well, nice and friendly. She rides on her trusty horse, Sparky, and hangs out with friends Deputy Peck, a little red woodpecker, and Toby, a Saguaro cactus. The trio solve the town's problems and make sure everyone is doing the right thing by the townspeople.

Will pans for gold at the Autry.
It's basically adorable, and Will was a big fan of Toby, who kept making sweet mistakes in the episodes we saw. Who wouldn't want to keep a found pair of blue sassy spur-laden cowboy boots even if you later find out they belong to someone else? Well, luckily Toby ends up doing the right thing and giving them back to their rightful owner.

Between checking out the series, learning to lasso and panning for gold, Will had a rootin', tootin' good time! (I couldn't resist. :)

Check out "Sheriff Callie's Wild West" on the Disney Junior block of Disney Channel!

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