Wednesday, November 18, 2015

To Do With the Kids: Rain Room at LACMA

Rain Room at LACMA (Photo credit: Instagram)

I remember hearing about the "Rain Room" exhibit when it was in New York a couple of years ago at the Museum of Modern Art. It was supposed to be amazing.

Then I saw the pictures.

The exhibit, from London-based artist collective Random International, looked downright magical. People walked fully clothed through a room literally dripping with water—without getting wet. The bright white light shining on everyone in the space made visitors look otherworldly.

Now it's arrived in Los Angeles, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) through March 6, and CC and I have tickets to go on Saturday. Honestly, I can't wait!

(CC, for her part, can't imagine what fun walking through water can be if you're NOT going to get wet, but I'm sure she'll come around.)

"Rain Room," which was previously exhibited at London's Barbican Centre before visiting MOMA and now LACMA, is a kind of "art meets technology" installation in which a downpour of water falls everywhere around museumgoers—but not directly on them.

With incredible technology, the water stops whenever it detects a human body. (Just don't wear dark, shiny or reflective fabric. And if you bring the kiddos, make sure they walk slowly through the exhibit or they might get a little wet. Their quick movements are often difficult for the machines to detect, according to LACMA.)

And while the exhibit runs through March 6, 2016, call soon if you want to get tickets, which are timed, especially if you want to visit on a weekend. They're going quickly!

Visit for more information on "Rain Room" ticketing.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: 323 857-6010

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