Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Unboxing on mom.me: Check Out the New Bugaboo by Diesel Rock Collection Stroller!

This past month has been pretty surreal, to say the least. As you know, my mother passed away in February, and it's been tricky trying to bounce back to normal life. I've been back to Oklahoma several times to take care of things, but I've also had to "keep on truckin,'" as they say, here at home in Los Angeles.

What's kept my mind busy -- in addition to my hubs and two lovely and rambunctious children -- is my work. At mom.me, I'm starting to work on more videos -- a fun, new challenge -- and it's kept me on my toes.

My new video series, Unboxing for Moms, takes a close look at new mom and baby items, from strollers and bouncers to rockers and car seats.

Our first installment went live yesterday, and I featured the new Bugaboo by Diesel Rock Collection Stroller (SRP: $919), which hits stores in April.

Check out the video up top!

And stay tuned for more L.A. stories. I might be a bit slower with my posts, but I still have more stories to tell!


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