Saturday, May 28, 2016

'Tumble Leaf' Celebrates Season Premiere at Au Fudge

Ahoy, Will!
To kick off its second season premiere of preschool-friendly animated series "Tumble Leaf," Amazon threw a fun party earlier this month at new, super-cool family restaurant and creative space Au Fudge in West Hollywood.

Centering on a little blue fox named Fig, the whimsical Amazon original series "Tumble Leaf" invites kids to explore the world around them with their friends. #Preschoolsquad at its best.

Will enjoys popcorn and comfy pillows while watching 'Tumble Leaf' at Au Fudge.
While kids could grab some popcorn and super-soft pillows to catch the newest episode of the animated series, there were lots of other activities that they could also enjoy. Both CC and Will got their faces and arms painted, decorated cookies, and CC made her own flower crown.

Gotta love flower crowns!
Children's arts and crafts company Seedling was also on hand with pirate ships that the kids could decorate. So cute!

Will colors his clothespin pirate from Seedling.
"Tumble Leaf" was a great show for Will. He loved watching Fig and his caterpillar friend, Stick, check out their little island. We look forward to catching more episodes on Amazon Prime.

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