Monday, August 29, 2016

We Got Our Vacay On in Cabo San Lucas at the Lovely Pueblo Bonito Blanco Resort

Taking a glass-bottom boat out to see the famous arch in Cabo San Lucas.

Well, hello, Cabo!

Ian, the kids and I took a family vacation down to Cabo San Lucas earlier this month, and it was the perfect getaway — short plane flight (two-ish hours from LAX), different country and culture, and a gorgeous, all-inclusive resort once we landed.

Everything was just as beautiful as we'd remembered — Ian and I went last year for our 10th anniversary — and the kids can't wait to go back.

Honestly, I'd been dying for a vacation. We hadn't really taken one since last year, and we were seriously due. The kids had been bummed when Ian and I went by ourselves last year, and we were eager to show them just how amazing Cabo can be.

The gorgeous Pueblo Bonito Blanco in Cabo San Lucas.
The short plane flight was perfect for our fidgety kiddos. While they did color and read, that only lasted about three minutes before sibling bickering and boredom set in. Two hours is really manageable for that.

Once we landed, we took a shuttle from the airport in San Jose del Cabo to our resort, the gorgeous Pueblo Bonito Blanco, in Cabo San Lucas. That took about 45 minutes, which was great for just relaxing, taking in the desert scenery (which CC compared to Palm Springs), and watching Will fall asleep.

Once we arrived at our Mediterranean-style digs just after noon, we were ready for our (all-inclusive) lunch, drinks and pool time. (What's great is that there's also pool-side pottery, so the kids were able to get creative and bring home gifts for family.)

We had stayed last year at sister resort Pueblo Bonito Pacifica (all-inclusive and adults only), and we knew we wanted to stay in the Pueblo Bonito family. The Blanco is right on the water, has fish and turtle ponds, and you can dine at the neighboring Pueblo Bonito Rose as part of your package. It was just too beautiful and easy to pass up.

CC admires the view — and the flamingos — from our balcony.
While I was ready to spend a long weekend by the pool, rediscovering the joys of being lazy, Ian and the kids were ready for action. Ian took CC jet-skiing, which she loved.

Jet ski time!
We also walked into town to explore shops, the marina and random street Zumba. The kids couldn't pass up the #Cabo sign!

We also took a glass-bottom boat out to El Arco, or the arch, at Land's End. Our captain even stopped at the lovely Lover's Beach (the rough, choppy Divorce Beach is on the other side) for us to jump out and have a quick swim.

The trip was just what we needed. I love Los Angeles, but honestly it's nice to escape once in a while. And when it's so easy, it's so worth it. I would totally recommend the all-inclusive option, too. We didn't have to worry about money and just ate and drank whenever we wanted. Definitely a plus, if you want to go that route.

Needless to say, we'll definitely be going back.

Our last night in Cabo.


Elizabeth said...

This looks fantastic. And what a great way to memorialize your trip by blogging about it! I can't wait to read more on your blog. I live just outside of LA.

L.A. Story said...

Thanks so much, Elizabeth! Yes, these are definitely nice memories to look back on later. :)

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