Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy First Day of 4th Grade ... a Little Late

Ready for 4th grade!
Ok, so this is definitely a #laterpost. CC officially started 4th grade in late August, but it's been such a whirlwind I can barely keep up!

In fact, how is October just around the corner? Like days away!

CC had a fantastic summer, by the way. She went to Minecraft camp, soccer camp, Star Eco Station camp and her fave, Steve & Kate's camp. Wow — I got tired just writing all of that. Yes, summer is a juggle for us since both Ian and I work, but CC really was living the dream. Heck, I wanted to go to camp!

It was funny, though. CC was definitely ready to get back to her usual routine once summer had wound down. She was especially excited about school when she saw that her new teacher had decorated the classroom in all things Dory. (The kiddos loved "Finding Dory!") It's amazing what blue tang decor can do for your child's #BTS enthusiasm.

So far, so good!

I do have some fun news, which I'll post more about tomorrow. CC, Will and I visited the Magnolia Market Silos (of "Fixer Upper" fame) in Waco when we visited family and friends in Oklahoma and Texas this year.

We went for Labor Day weekend, and the Magnolia empire did not disappoint. You guys. I'm obsessed!

Stay tuned for more details about our trip tomorrow! (We actually got to tour Chip Gaines' office!)


Unknown said...

OOHHH - I love Chip & Joanna!!! I have to limit my episodes otherwise I just get angst to move and create a new home!! What a great visit that would be to see their space in person, lucky you! I can't believe CC is in 4th grade! I have a 3rd grader here and time just flies! :)

L.A. Story said...

They are pretty amazing, Crystal! I have totally wanted to pack up and move after a few of their episodes! 😀 And I know - it's crazy how time flies! Hope you guys enjoy 3rd grade!


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