Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Princess Tiana Swimsuit Makes Splash with CC

CC shows off a Disney Fairies Swim Tote while donning a Princess Tiana Reversible Swimsuit.

While June gloom might be trying to put a damper on summertime fun in the sun, CC and I have still had lots of chances to head to the pool.

So when Disney Store sent over samples of new toys to review, we were quick to get the sunscreen and try out a few playful poolside goodies.

The first item that CC dove for was the Princess Tiana reversible swimsuit (SRP $12.99, but there's a sale now at DisneyStore.com!) that's alternately blue and purple (shown above and right).

"I want purple!" CC exclaimed when she first saw its reversible magic. "No blue! No purple!"

After deciding on purple, that's been her go-to color -- and go-to swimsuit -- every time we head to the pool.

Her other favorite for toy-toting is the Disney Fairies Swim Tote (SRP $9.50, also shown above). She LOVES this bag. Most of her stuffed animals have already gone for a ride in it, but what's especially great about the colorful tote is its durability -- and she has definitely stress-tested that. It's also a fun purple (to match her swimsuit, natch) with tons of glitter.

While the Disney Princess Hula Hoop (SRP $9.50 at Disney Store) held an initial thrill for CC -- there was lots of hip-shaking the first day -- she has since put it down in favor of other toys. At 3, though, she's still a little small to get a lot of use out of it.

What we're looking forward to is testing out the Disney Princess Giant Bubble Maker (SRP $4.50 at Disney Store), which is on our list of things to do at the park. How can kids not love bubbles the size of their heads?

Happy Summer!


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