Thursday, July 19, 2012

A 'Brave' New Playtime World for CC

CC gives a thumbs up to her 'Brave' Mattel toys.
UPDATE: Congrats to Noreen, who won the Brave goodies. Please email me at with your name and address. Thanks to everyone who participated (and

When CC and I saw Disney*Pixar's Brave in theaters last month, that wasn't the first my little munchkin had heard of the strong-willed main character, Merida. CC was a fan even before the animated Scottish princess hit multiplexes.

Besides billboards and posters, CC was mesmerized by the previews, which showed an independent girl who wanted to make her own decisions -- in spite of what her parents were suggesting. Yeah, that sounds a lot like my own little strong-willed girl.

As part of the Mattel Disney Insider program, we also had the chance to check out Mattel's new line of Brave toys, which includes the Brave Gem Styling Merida doll ($20.99) and the Brave Castle and Forest Playset ($26.99).

CC has been playing with both items for the past several weeks and has had such fun with both. The larger Merida doll sports her signature blue gown (which CC has in her own size!), as well as some awesome gladiator-style blue boots that CC loves to take on and off. What's also fun are the Velcro jewels that come with the doll to mix and match over her cape.

Merida has had a lot to share with CC's other princess dolls, Snow White and Cinderella. They all seem to be BFFs now, at least according to the conversations I sometimes overhear in CC's room.

The castle and forest playset have enjoyed countless hours of playtime. I love watching CC make up stories for the castle -- and especially for Merida's horse, Angus. In fact, while the smaller version of Merida, which comes with the set, has been making the rounds around CC's room, CC has placed a new tissue saddle on the mini horse while letting various other toys ride him.

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I'm giving away 1 Brave Gem Styling Merida Doll and 1 Brave Castle and Forest Playset.

To enter, leave a comment below about your favorite part of Brave.

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diana said...

I loved any scene with the triplets. :)

you big baby! said...

My daughter's favorite part was when Merida climbed the tall mountain and drank from the waterfall. I wasn't with her when she saw it so I hope that was actually in the movie!

chanscom said...

I took 2 of my daughters to see Brave based on your review and mention of the mother-daughter dynamic. I loved how the mother still acted like a mother even though she had been turned into a bear!

noreen said...

I love when queen elinor, as a bear, kept asking for more until Merida just pointed at the river to say fish yourself.

noreen said...

noreen said...

Thank you, just emailed you!

Jumping Castles said...

Brave is an awesome movie. Giveaways of Brave Castle and Forest Playset is just great, wished i got it ;)


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