Tuesday, February 19, 2013

4 Months Old!

4 months old!
Baby Will just keeps on growing! Not only is he coo-ing and laughing at CC's antics (he loves when she dances and sings Itsy Bitsy Spider), but he's very close to rolling over. He just has to figure out what to do with that one arm, and he's good to go.

He's at such a cuddly age right now, and I love just how chubby and kissable his cheeks are. It's a far cry from when he was nursing as if his life depended on it (well, I guess it did) what seemed like every 5 minutes. Back then, he was barely gaining weight. Now, he's solidly in the 75th percentile, and his doctor loves it.

I'm really just happy that he's healthy and happy himself. In fact, he has the sweetest disposition, which makes all of us smile.

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