Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coming Attraction: 'Brave'

Saying CC is excited about seeing the upcoming Disney*Pixar movie Brave, which screened at the L.A. Film Festival and opens wide June 22, would be like saying donuts are only kind of awesome.

She's crazy excited. My child has been practically counting the days.

And I can't blame her. I'm excited, too, but for different reasons. I love Pixar (and Disney), but I have to say that it's about time they made a film that has a girl front and center. Of course, CC loved Wall*E, Toy Story, Cars and Up, but now I can see that she's really making this movie her own.

In fact, last week when my mom was in town for CC's graduation, she bought CC a little Merida costume that looks like the one the main character wears in the movie. Not only that, but CC insisted that we call her Merida, the red-haired lass pictured above, for an entire day.

The response was nothing like that when she saw the other films -- and she hasn't even seen this one yet!

Brave is the story of Merida, a young bow-and-arrow-friendly girl who lives in the Scottish Highlands and defies a sacred custom of her culture. This move is apparently a big no-no and throws the kingdom into chaos. Things don't get better when Merida is granted an "ill-fated wish" that turns into a curse she must somehow break. Cue bravery.

I'm looking forward to taking CC to Brave this weekend. It's showing in theaters across the city as well as at the El Capitan, where there will be a live stage show before the movie.

Hopefully, it won't encourage CC to defy her own mother and, say, not clean up her toys. Chaos would definitely ensue.

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