Monday, June 4, 2012

DVD Review: 'The Garfield Show: Summer Adventures'

It's almost summertime, and our orange pal Garfield is back in mischievous action. The Garfield Show: Summer Adventures, from Vivendi Entertainment, hit shelves May 29, and CC and I got a chance to check out what the ornery cat has planned for poor Jon, Odie and some other neighborhood friends.

The DVD (SRP: $14.93) sports six episodes plus one bonus episode, and CC's and my favorite is the first one, Perfect Pizza. There's a surprisingly sly tone to a lot of these episodes, making light of issues such as corporate greed and aggressive TV sales pitches that are most likely disguising a product's ineffectiveness.

OK, so CC didn't really get that part of it, but it was definitely on my mind, especially in the pizza episode. A local pizza restaurant, Vito's, is almost displaced by a huge chain that's offering 12-for-1 pies. Of course, our feline friend has one taste of Mama Meany's pizza and would have spat it out had it not been too rubbery to even bite. Next, Garfield and Jon are on a mission to help Vito win his customers back, with the inadvertent help of a famous food critic.

Let's just say, hooray for the little guy!

Garfield shows his especially mischievous side in Mailman Blues. The put-upon regular mailman can't begin his vacation fast enough when Garfield decides to torment his replacement, a young letter carrier who thinks he can best the lasagna-loving cat. First Garfield lures him in with love and then proceeds to embark on a multistep plan to drive him bonkers.

There were some fun hijinks in that episode, at the expense, of course, of a guy who's new on the job and new to the determination of a usually lazy cat.

Garfield's summertime adventures proved to be great fun for CC and a silly break as the school year is about to end (but that's another story).

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