Monday, March 4, 2013

CC Explores with Little Passports

As you know from checking out this blog, CC and I love to travel. Whether it's anywhere in SoCal, Oklahoma or even as far as L.A. sister city Berlin, we love to learn about the world around us.

That's why I was happy to check out Little Passports, the subscription package that introduces kids to different states (USA edition) and countries (world edition). We received a sample package of the USA edition, and it was jam-packed with fun items like activity books, a color/scratch book, postcards, a field guide, map, stickers and even a disposable camera.

What's great about the package -- besides the fact that it comes in the mail (who doesn't love getting fun mail?!) -- is that it's interactive and shares the story of Sam and Sofia, young travelers who visit two states per month. We got to check out Florida, Texas, New York and Nebraska!

I love the idea of CC learning about different states via virtual visits and activities. While we can't promise a road trip to all 50 states, she can get a taste of her country from her own backyard. And the packages are presented in such a kid-friendly way, as to pique curiosity and inspire learning. Let's just say it's not a boring bunch of facts.

The USA and global subscriptions range from $10.95-$13.95 per month, with monthly, 3-, 6- and 12-month plans. (The world edition even comes with a little suitcase and passport.)

Whatever subscription you choose, it's definitely more cost-effective than an actual ticket to, say, Egypt, Iceland or Kenya. Just keep in mind that your little traveler might ask you to take the actual trip.

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