Sunday, September 1, 2013

Coming Attraction: Daniel Tiger's 'Neighbor Day' Season Premiere + Plush Toy

"Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on PBS Kids (Photo credit: © 2013 The Fred Rogers Company)
Labor Day is sure to be a beautiful day in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, as the little tiger with the red sweater celebrates his season premiere by being especially nice to those around him.

The animated show from The Fred Rogers Company has its second season premiere on PBS Kids on Monday, Sept. 2 (check local listings), and what better way to enjoy the holiday than teaching your kiddos how to be helpful to neighbors?

In tomorrow's episode, our little tiger (who's so great at turning strong emotions into teachable moments) learns that one act of kindness can lead to many more. As several others in his community decide to help each other out, they declare the day "Neighbor Day." (Nice rhyming with Labor Day, btw.)

CC adores Daniel Tiger and thinks he's the cutest. It was even better then, when she found out that the Daniel Tiger line of plush toys has made its way to Toys 'R' Us.

We received a sneak peek of the little guy before he arrived in stores, and I have to say that he's pretty adorable. I think Baby Will will also go a little tiger crazy for him.

Hope you have a great Labor (and Neighbor!) Day! Be safe and be kind. :)


noreen said...

I agree that is a very cute tiger

L.A. Story said...

Thanks, Noreen! I think so too. :)


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