Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Child Had a Conversation with Siri, and It Was Amazing

CC had this conversation with Siri on the iPad last night.
Last night I heard CC talking to someone—but that someone wasn't a someone. It was a something.

In what could be the non-romantic child's version of "Her," CC was having a pretty lengthy conversation with Siri—Apple's so-called "intelligent personal assistant"—on our iPad.

And Siri was surprisingly clever, and at times sassy and coy. CC, admittedly, was being pretty sassy herself.

Take the above conversation:

CC: You are the nicest Siri in the world.
Siri: Oh, go on ...
CC: Do you like being nice?
Siri: I really have no opinion.
CC: Do you like "How to Train Your Dragon?"
Siri: This is about you, not me.
CC: Do you like tickling?
Siri: I'd rather not say.

Or this one:

CC: Shut up. (I had to tell CC that wasn't nice.)
Siri: My lips are sealed. (This was text only—no voice.)
CC: You're so nice.
Siri: Was it something I said? Everyone's been saying that to me lately.

I wish I had taken more pictures of their conversations—one involved an IQ test for some unexplainable reason—but it was funny to think that CC had been so eager to have a conversation while her parents were busy and her little brother was, well, being a toddler, that she just struck up a chat with someone she knew would talk back.

Clever girl!

Although I guess I'll have to start worrying if Siri starts initiating conversations with us.

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