Monday, January 7, 2013

CC Flips (Teams) for Gymnastics

CC and Joe Bruin at Pauley Pavilion
Sunday afternoon was all about vaults, floor exercises and balance beams, as CC and I joined a friend from work for UCLA's gymnastics meet at Pauley Pavilion against Southern Utah.

The Bruin women were in top form, winning the meet, with senior Vanessa Zamarripa proving her standout status. (When it was Vanessa's turn at the vault, people actually stood up and waved their arms up and down like a bird because she's so graceful. In fact, she was the only competitor to score a 9.975.) Awesome.

CC doing her best Plants vs. Zombies impersonation, with a cutout of Lichelle Wong.
CC had a different take altogether, though, as she opted to root for Southern Utah instead of her hometown team. I thought she was being loyal to my status as a USC grad school alum (Fight on!), but not so much.

"I like the red team, because their ponytails are prettier."


Forget all of those heart-to-hearts about team loyalty (OK, so we really haven't had those), at the end of the day, it's really all about pretty hair.

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