Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coming Attraction: 'Sofia the First' on Disney Junior

Sofia the First premieres on Disney Junior on Jan. 11.
There's a new princess in town, and CC is already excited. In fact, right before bed she asked me when she could see Disney Junior's latest addition, Sofia the First.

Lucky for her, she doesn't have to wait long. In fact, tomorrow, Jan. 11 (9:30 a.m.) is the first episode of the animated series about Disney's first little girl princess (voiced by Modern Family's Ariel Winter) who becomes part of a royal family when her mother (Sara Ramirez) marries a king. (Perfect for the Kate Middleton, aka Duchess of Cambridge, aka future Queen of England era!)

You might have seen the pilot movie, Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess, which aired in November, and the series is a continuation of that.

The first episode will still introduce her and show her to be a spunky, smart girl, who wants to become the first princess to earn a spot on her school's flying derby team.

Sounds like a CC-friendly recipe for girl power! Love that in a princess.

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