Monday, November 17, 2008

Smoke screen

As wildfires continue to scorch Southern California, the smoke and other air yuck has really taken its toll on our lungs.

So much so, that when I dropped C off at daycare today, her teacher said they weren't letting the kids play outside. Good thinking.

Over the past few weeks, the fires have threatened and burned nearby areas, but they haven't encroached on exactly where I live. They were far enough away to seem like something I would only read about or see on TV. But this weekend, that changed. Besides smelling the smoke and soot in the air as I went for a walk, I could also see a hazy funk settling over the city. A funk I didn't want C to be inhaling.

Ian took the above picture a couple weeks ago of a fire that was rampaging around the 405 near the Getty. LA Observed pointed me in the direction of NASA pics showing a satellite view (ironically NASA's Aqua satellite) of the smoke blowing over the coast.
I can't imagine having to run for my life while everything I owned burned to the ground. Unfortunately, a lot of my fellow Californians can't say the same thing.
I'm just glad daycare had the right idea. They'll learn about wildfires soon enough. At least let them breathe easy while they're young.


Pat Saperstein said...

Growing up in Malibu, one of my most vivid memories is of fleeing to Santa Monica to stay in a motel and watching the fires burn up and down the coast. That, and the floods and earthquakes. You're a real California kid if you can remember all of those!

L.A. Story said...

Wow, I can't even imagine. That sounds so eerie. I'm sure C will experience her fair share of natural disasters. She had her first quake this summer!


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