Monday, November 15, 2010

CC Gets Her Santa Paws All Over Disney Online Treats

Yes, that dog in the above picture is real. Something I didn't realize when CC and I walked up to the photographer to have our picture taken at the Disney Interactive Studios holiday event at The Victorian last week.

The 10-week-old bundle of perfect white fur, aka "Santa Paws," was just one of the many family-friendly highlights at the winter wonderland-themed party that had CC (over)frosting cookies (much to the amusement of onlookers), painting pictures and checking out various kid-centric games like "Disney Tangled" ($39.99) and "Club Penguin Game Day!" ($49.99) for the Wii.

While there were lots of goodies for tots to taste and ogle, CC made a beeline for "Tangled." Catching glimpses of the blonde-locked billboards all over Los Angeles, CC reminds me every chance she gets that she wants to see that movie. Lucky for her she got a taste of the action via the Wii game, which features Rapunzel and fellow adventurer Flynn in a story-based journey filled with puzzles, challenges and hidden treasures.

Next came the penguins. Much like online game site, the Wii version allows players to create their own penguin and play mini games like "Fast Freeze," "Sumo Smash" and "Sled & Slide." Players can also synchronize their online penguins with their Wii incarnations. (I'll be sure to post about this Wii game. The Disney crew included a review copy in a fun goodie bag.)

After dragging my child away from fun games and tasty cookies (Seriously, where did she get such a sweet tooth? It couldn't possibly be from her donut-obsessed mother), I took a moment just to stop and look around the gorgeous Santa Monica event space that is The Victorian.

The last time I was there, just over five years ago, I was entertaining wedding guests and wondering what life would be like after getting married.

When I told CC that The Victorian was where Ian and I had our wedding reception, she asked what I imagine every child would want to know:

"Where was I?"


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