Friday, January 7, 2011

'Change of Plans' Extends Family Movie Night + Giveaway

"Change of Plans" airs Jan. 8 at 8/7c on Fox.

UPDATE: Congrats to Ruth, who won the Walmart/P&G Family Night Movie Pack! Thanks to everyone who participated (as well as my trusty adviser, Stay tuned for more giveaways!

Ever since CC started watching kid-friendly movies, she's divided films into three categories: Baby Movies, Mommy Movies and Daddy Movies. While she's obviously a fan of the first category, the latter two offer instant magic tricks -- in that she's quick to disappear.

I'm willing to bet this is the case for most kids of a certain age -- groaning or dashing off at the slightest hint of grown-up fare.

That's why Family Movie Night sounds so appealing. And "Change of Plans," Walmart and P&G's latest entry into family-friendly programming -- which also included TV movies like "The Jensen Project" and "Secrets of the Mountain -- is exactly that. The movie airs tomorrow, January 8, at 8/7c on Fox.

"Change of Plans" revolves around a career-minded couple -- musician Sally (played by "American Idol" alum Brooke White) and her husband, fighter pilot Jason (Joe Flanigan of "Stargate Atlantis") -- who must rethink their lives after they become guardians of four children when a tragic accident takes the lives of the kids' parents, one of whom was Sally's best friend in college.

The kids, who range in age from about 5 to 16, all hail from different countries (three were adopted) and have since lived the Peace Corps life in the African country of Uganda.

Transitions are especially difficult for everyone involved -- not only adapting to a different family but also to America in general.

The movie tackles lots of issues about growing pains and how life, as the saying goes, happens while you're making other plans. It supplies a warm-hearted take on a subject that is inherently fraught with conflict.

From explaining to a little girl that her mother has passed away to dealing with a teen who feels out of place at school, the subject matter is appealing across a wide range of ages.

Not only that, but it's great to see Phylicia Rashad ("The Cosby Show") back on TV, this time as a Family Services case worker. "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, who also produced the soundtrack for the film, also makes a cameo.

While it might take a few more years for the themes of "Change of Plans" to resonate for a viewer like CC -- who didn't watch; I caught a sneak peek online -- it's still a very family-friendly movie that won't have you diving for the remote if your little one happens to walk in.

Like other Mommy or Daddy movies.

*** GIVEAWAY ***

I'm giving away 1 Walmart/P&G Family Night Movie Pack (which includes DVDs of "The Jensen Project," "Secrets of the Mountain" and "A Walk in My Shoes) and a fleece blanket so you can cuddle up while watching.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling me one of your favorite family moments.

For an extra entry, become a fan of ("Like") L.A. Story on Facebook. Be sure to leave a second comment, letting me know you did that.

Good luck, and I'll announce the winners on Friday, January 14!


Carole Spring said...

I have many favorite family moments. The last one occurred on Christmas Day when I watched my grandchildren's eyes light up as they opened their Christmas presents.

Miranda said...

My favorite family moment is when I watch my hubby rock my daughter to sleep. It so peaceful and so beautiful to watch.

Unknown said...

My favorite family moment is when my son and hubby put on a puppet show.

Unknown said...

I follow you on facebook!

Pokie said...

Graham crackers and homemade icing. Do I need to say more?


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