Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming Attraction: Fun Family Festival of Tragedy

Shakespearean tragedy gets a new twist in this family-friendly (and funny!) take on the Bard from local theater company L'Enfant Terrible.

The company's inaugural Fun Family Festival of Tragedy kicks off on Saturday, June 4, at the Bootleg Theater. They will perform comedic adaptations of four Shakespearean tragedies, such as "Titus the Clownicus" and "King O'Leary," the latter of which somehow makes me laugh the hardest. All shows play in repertory each weekend through July 31.

Each show runs about an hour and makes Shakespeare accessible to the preschool set.

"I aim to find the family story in each tragedy and to capture your attention," said playwright and executive creative director of L'Enfant Terrible Angela Berliner in a statement. "Our plays use a sophisticated verbal and visual language yet are totally engaging for the pre-verbal crowd."

I can actually attest to that. CC and I attended a performance of "Hamlet, Prince of Puddles" last fall, and it was fun to see a different side of the dithering Dane.

In addition to the plays themselves, L'Enfant Terrible will also host L'ET Discovery Happen, a free, behind-the-scenes look at the theater by offering a family-friendly workshop or event after every performance.

This is such a great opportunity to introduce children to the thrills of live theater -- in a family-friendly environment, where being a kid is encouraged.

Fun Family Festival of Tragedy

Written by Angela Berliner
Produced by Seth Compton
Directed by Justin Zsebe

Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Blvd.
os Angeles, CA 90057

Tickets: $17.00 for Adults; $10.00 for students (ages 2-22) (Discounts are available for purchases to two or more shows, or groups with six or more.)

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