Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Disney Online Plugs Into Halloween Fun

CC learns to draw a penguin at the Disney Interactive Halloween Bash.
Getting an early start on Halloween fun, Disney Interactive Media hosted a costume-friendly party at the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank.

In addition to donning her Snow White costume (we just got her a Capt. Jack Sparrow outfit for this year), CC decorated cookies, added a Mickey Mouse face to paper bats (the flying kind), played online games and learned how to draw a penguin, courtesy of a Club Penguin artist.

Of course, at any kid-friendly party, desserts tend to come first. The cookie-decorating station was first on CC's agenda, and Tinker Bell was her design du jour. That came just before she visited the Pixie Hollow station, where she was able to dress up a variety of virtual fairies online.

CC gets her sweet tooth from somewhere (*ahem*), and mine led me to the table, where adorably decorated desserts were on display. What I loved the most were the Jack Skellington cupcakes (see below). Click here to get the directions.

Jack Skellington cupcakes [Photo courtesy of Disney Family]

We had a wonderful time checking out the games (and getting a sneak peek of Disney Universe). There's always something special about being on the Disney lot. I don't know if it's the movie costumes on display, the building that features the (ironically large) seven dwarves as part of its architecture, the animation cells from "Snow White" or just knowing how much creativity has come from inside those gates.

Whatever it is -- pixie dust? -- CC had loads of fun and drew the best penguin I've ever seen.

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