Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gearapalooza Gives Moms Close-Up Look at Baby Products

Gearapalooza at Bel Bambini
Moms and moms-to-be got their gear on earlier this month, as event company Bump Club and Beyond hosted Gearapalooza at Bel Bamini in West Hollywood.

Brands including Ergobaby, Bugaboo and Orbit Baby were on hand to answer questions about all sorts of baby gear, from car seats to strollers to carriers.

Not only that, but Jamie Grayson (aka, The Baby Guy, pictured right) sat down and talked with parents about the most important gear info parents need to know before baby arrives. What are the most important items for new parents: diapers, breast pumps, mattresses, baby carriers, car seats and cribs.

Even though Will is already 13 months (eek, how did that happen so fast?!), I'm still keeping my eye on fun and helpful products.

A couple of items that caught my eye were:

The Ergobaby Designer Baby Carrier -- Winter Edition ($195) -- Not only was this cozy-looking baby carrier easy on the eyes, the Ergobaby winter white carrier with sheepskin trim looked especially comfortable for toting little guys and girls. There's even a removable quilted muff to keep hands warm in the cold.

When Will was smaller, we used a Baby Bjorn, but all of my new-mom friends swore by the Ergobaby, saying all the time how comfortable it was on their backs. This super-stylish edition definitely adds a nice, fashionable touch.

Ergobaby Winter Edition
Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat and Base ($440) -- This car seat had me at "dock and rotate." Parents out there know just how back-wrenching it can be to put a car seat into the back seat of your car -- the middle part of the back seat, no less. The Orbit Baby infant car seat allows you to place the car seat on the base (while baby's facing you), and then rotate it so baby is facing backward. Genius! No more twisting and turning your body. Just rotate the car seat, and put baby in and out. And the accompanying stroller folds up with one hand!

Orbit Baby car seat

While the items might make your wallet shake just a little, it's so great to know how quickly technology is changing on the baby-safety front. It's so different from when CC was a baby, just about seven years ago.

Oh, and while I was there, I picked up this adorable whale faucet cover from Skip Hop ($13). That makes me feel so much better now that Will is starting to move to the big bath!

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