Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meeting Jennifer Lopez at 'American Idol' + 'Home' Special Screening

Meeting Jennifer Lopez (center) at a taping of "American Idol," which also aired a performance of her song "Feel the Light" from "Home"
So that happened!

Yes, last week was extremely busy and extremely amazing, as CC and I watched a live taping of "American Idol" at CBS Studios.

Jennifer Lopez, who's a multitasker in a major way -- mom, actress, singer, "American Idol" judge -- was spotlighting a performance of her new song, "Feel the Light," from the animated movie "Home" from DreamWorks Animation.

(You can read about that in my article on

Catching a special screening of "Home" in Westwood
The fam and I also caught an extra-special screening of "Home," which opens in theaters March 27.

DreamWorks Animation rolled out the purple carpet for the star-studded event in Westwood.

The kiddos had fun watching the film -- Will even donned the 3D glasses for the entire screening(!) -- and loved sneaking a peek at the Boov representatives on the carpet.

CC and Will on the "Home" purple carpet with the Boov
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