Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Step-by-Step Gingerbread House for Discovery Cube Los Angeles Competition

We're entering the Science of Gingerbread competition at Discovery Cube Los Angeles!
While Thanksgiving might be tomorrow, we're already thinking ahead to Christmas, and you know what that means—gingerbread house time!

As you might have read in my previous post, Discovery Cube Los Angeles is celebrating its 9th annual Science of Gingerbread exhibit (November 27-January 3), which features a gingerbread competition.

And the best part? CC and I are entering!

We started today with an adorable gingerbread house kit from Dancing Deer Baking Co. What's awesome about this is that the box serves as its own support structure, so you don't have a house that looks like this (we tried!).

First, we laid out the basic ingredients: gingerbread cookies, super-sugary white icing, house frame and plate.

Step 1: Separate your basic ingredients.
Then, we scoured the cabinets looking for fun, colorful items that would give our gingerbread house some pizzazz! Think M&Ms, jelly beans, dried cranberries and even colored pasta.

Next, CC and I started decorating. I think her favorite part was giving the gingerbread people faces and personalities. One was Scaredy Sam, another Heart Person, and others were Uncle Yelli and Cute Person.

Don't forget to give your gingerbread people some personality!
After that, we added jelly beans as Christmas lights, M&Ms, pasta and cranberries as parts of the garden, and extra icing as snow on the roof and yard.

While this wasn't our first gingerbread creation, as I mentioned earlier, we still have a long way to go before we can consider ourselves gingerbread professionals. What I did love, though, was watching CC get so creative with our house.

It was her idea to draw a green string to hold jelly bean Christmas lights. She also used green fusilli as a small shrub. And those gingerbread people—the stories she told about them were so funny!

We had a great time decorating. In fact, it was a wonderful mother-daughter moment I'll always remember—even if I was a little Type A about the messy icing!

Don't forget to download the entry form and bring your fabulous gingerbread creation to Discovery Cube LA by November 29!

You'll see ours there!

Discovery Cube Los Angeles
The Science of Gingerbread (November 27-January 3)
11800 Foothill Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 91342
Tickets: $10 for adults and kids through January 3. Kids ages 2 and under are free.

(Disclosure: I am being compensated for this post in my position as a #DiscoveryCubeMoms LA Ambassador. All opinions, however, are my own.)

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