Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CC's Bedroom Makeover with Disney Paint, Part 2 *Sponsored*

CC shows off her super-white bedroom.
It was all about the periwinkle and glitter, as we dove into painting and redecorating CC's bedroom with Disney Paint.

As you can tell from the above "before" pic (complete with random living room throw pillow on the bed), CC's room is blindingly white. Even the furniture! So it was nice to see what a little color could do.

You might remember my earlier post, when CC surprised me with her choice of paint color -- periwinkle ruled over the usually dominant pink. Without giving too much away -- I'm saving the big reveal for my upcoming third and final post -- it looks great! I'm so glad she went with the light and subtle shade of purple.

What's great about the Disney Paint selections, I found, was that it doesn't just stop at the color. We're adding an "All That Glitters" specialty finish to give the room an extra pop.

Having never painted a room before (shh!), I was a bit overwhelmed at first, thinking you had to be a pro to even get started. Luckily, it turned out to be a really doable (and in some ways relaxing) task. In addition to the paint and finish, I also purchased a paint kit from Walmart that included a brush, a roller and a paint pan (less than $6), as well as another smaller roller brush (about $5) and blue painter's tape (about $4).

After watching the helpful how-to video (above), I was on my way. Instead of painting CC's entire room, I decided to paint just the wall behind her bed as a focal point. I placed the painter's tape along the edges above the molding and around the ceiling, outlets and other walls, and got started.

CC even helped!
The painting itself was way easier than I'd expected. The Disney Paint went on smoothly with one coat, and there was very little "paint smell" to boot. You might have done a double take above when I mentioned that it was relaxing. But I really got into a groove, and the whole wall took only about an hour to paint.

Keep in mind, that's just the paint. The finish comes after that, but was also easy to apply.

We're planning on having a "big reveal" party for a few friends, and CC can't wait. After all, she doesn't want to keep all that glitter to herself!

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Nicole Feliciano said...

Glad you really threw yourself into this project!

L.A. Story said...

We're having a lot of fun!


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