Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kelly Ripa: Mother of invention

With all this Debbie Downer talk of the economy, I wanted to touch on something a little more uplifting -- particularly for moms.

I know there have been a lot of mom casualties in what's been termed the Great Recession (I've even written about it here and here), but I've also noticed that moms have been taking the extra time to focus on other projects while looking for another job. (Hello, more blog postings!) And it's pretty amazing to see what kind of creativity arises during hard times.

Turns out there's a TV series in the works that's spotlighting women and their inventions. And it's from the chipper mom herself, Kelly Ripa. She and TLC are partnering on a show that will help women inventors manufacture, market and sell their product on HSN.

There will be an open casting call in Los Angeles June 21-22, as well as dates in other major cities, but if you can't make it to one of those, here's information on how to submit your pitch.

So, ladies, unpack that hands-free diaper changer or self-cleaning high chair you've been working on. In the spirit of mom-speak, it's time to share!


Anonymous said...

A great opportunity for moms or any woman inventor. We would LOVE to see you guys come out!

This story is sort of a model for our show- this mom turned an idea that helped her kids into a huge profit! That's kind of what Kelly is seeking for this show!

Look forward to meeting some of you mommas!
- Brian (Milojo Casting)

Alisa said...

I'll be there! I can't wait! Whoo hoo!

L.A. Story said...

Very exciting! Good luck with your invention. Now I want to know what it is! :)

Tracy Sanders said...

Hi Everyone!
This is going to be such an exciting show!
I am headed to the Chicago casting call with Product X and blogging along the way!
Visit me at
I wish everyone attending the best of luck!!!

Anonymous said...

As a Mother of three, living hand to mouth, the person who helped me get my ideas and inventions off the ground was the one and only, wendy robbins, inventor of the tingler, and coach....she is amazing, hope to see her on your show, we love you Kelly!

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