Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Toddler adopts 'Littlest Pet Shop Friends'

You might remember back in November when we attended Electronic Arts' Winter Wonderland and CC went crazy over the video-game company's "Littlest Pet Shop Friends."

Well, you can only guess how excited she was when we received a complimentary copy of the Nintendo Wii game from EA just after Christmas. (Although I'm not sure how much it compares to how excited we were just to get a Wii period from Santa.)

After I played Wii tennis for way too long and stretched muscles I didn't even know I had -- yes, folks, from a video game -- we popped in the kid-centric "Pet Shop" to see if CC would even remember it.

And, of course, she was instantly hooked. Like her mother with Wii tennis, without the morning-after aches. (How old am I again?)

"Littlest Pet Shop Friends" is an adorable game filled with wide-eyed little creatures who are eager to throw a surprise party for a fellow pet -- one that's hiding in a cocoon and thereby confusing her BFF, little Bear.

While planning the party, the animals take detours around the city and country to play games, bake cakes and buy party accessories. CC's fave hangout is the Ice Cream Paw-lor, where players can make ice-cream cones based on a pet's request. The more points you earn in these games, the more kibble coins you score to buy fun pet fashion items such as sunglasses or collars.

The game itself is easy to play, but you have to be able to read if you plan to play alone. For a 3-year-old like CC, that part is hard -- in addition to just navigating the Wii controller as a beginner. But, at this age, she's also not going to grab a sippy cup and pop in the disc on her own, anyway.

If she wants to play, we're always around to help her out.

"Littlest Pet Shop Friends" is cute and fun and new -- and something CC now wants to play every morning when she wakes up. She might not risk getting tennis elbow, but I definitely don't want her to overdo it.

Moderation, even with adorable video-game pets, is always important.

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