Monday, December 20, 2010

What to Do When Christmas Tree Lines Become Too Long ...

Whip out the iPod Touch. That's exactly what CC did while we were standing in what seemed like an endless line of Christmas tree customers.

The kid's a master on the touch-screen gadget, and it really helps out in situations like these. (Otherwise, she might have tried to climb a Douglas fir or played hopscotch on five or 10 wreaths.)

Of course, you might overhear, as I did, a pointed and loud conversation about how old children should be before playing with one of these tech toys.

I, however, bit my tongue (you're welcome, Christmas tree crowd) and reveled in the fact that my 4-year-old child was not only in complete control of the device but was also occupied, entertained and playing quietly.

And isn't that really a Christmas gift in and of itself?


Unknown said...

LOL Laura! Agree 100%! So true! Hahaha, can't stop laughing, well said :)

L.A. Story said...

Ha! Thanks, Dariela. I can definitely appreciate stress-free time in long lines. :)


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