Friday, August 19, 2011

BlogHer '11 -- Exploring San Diego & the Expo Floor (Part 2)

MomsLA/ party at Airr Supper Club & Night Club.

One of the things I loved about my first BlogHer conference was meeting up with friends at super-cool San Diego hot spots like Airr Supper Club & Night Club.

Just a short walk from my hotel at the waterfront San Diego Marriott, this cool venue -- with vibrant single-hued rooms like the one pictured above -- played host to the MomsLA/ party.

Meeting fellow moms over cocktails and conversation was a welcome break from the day-to-day -- and from all the goings-on at the convention center.

What I also loved was the walk over, where I got to sample some of the scenery in the historic Gaslamp Quarter.

That said, I spent a lot of the second day checking out the Expo floor, where brands set up fun, interactive booths, as well as a panel on freelance writing with editors from Parenting magazine and (I even scored an assignment out of the deal! Woo-hoo!)

While there are too many fun Expo-floor experiences to talk about here (I actually took a much-needed break on one of these), I wanted to share a few pics from the family-friendly side of things.

I got the chance to meet up with Ruby from "Ruby's Studio," a DVD collection from L.A.-based The Mother Company that teaches children to verbalize their feelings.

I also stumbled upon these squeezable snacks from Ella's Kitchen. Many of them are for babies, but some are perfect for preschool lunches. CC loved the samples I brought home. (I also found them at Target! Yay!)

I also made this fun photo, courtesy of Hallmark. Conference-goers were decorating T-shirts, noting their special moments. I picked "Making CC's Lunch" because I never knew what joy I would get from doing something so simple. Believe it or not (and in my single, parentless days, I would have veered toward the latter), I love it.

We're also loving this organic bubble bath for kids.

Stay tuned for a post about the fun Disney Baby party I attended, complete with Winnie the Pooh pics and a giveaway!


Barbara said...

Making CC's lunch huh? Have you taught her how to make grilled cheese?

L.A. Story said...

Ha! I'll never live that down! :) But who told me to butter both sides of the bread, huh? ;)

Barbara said...

I plead the fifth.

Ashley Cross said...

I love Airr Supper Club & Night Club too


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