Tuesday, February 4, 2014

'Sesame Street' Visits SoCal and L.A. Story

Some of CC's and my favorite characters from Sesame Street made the trip all the way to Southern California late last month to visit the Television Critics Association press tour and talk about all the new, exciting things that are coming up for the show's 45th anniversary season.

First off, there will be some big-name guests. Hello, One Direction -- along with moms Tina Fey and Claire Danes.

Also, the show's major theme is going to be "executive functioning," which is really a fancy way of saying that they're going to teach kids the importance of sitting still, waiting your turn and raising your hand. All commendable goals for the early childhood set!

Check out the above video, where Elmo, Count von Count and Cookie Monster talk about their trip to SoCal and what they're counting. They even give a special shout-out to my little ones, CC and Will.

Oh, and there's more exciting news from PBS Kids!

The network is producing a new math-based, live-action series called The Odd Squad. The show, geared toward kids ages 5-8, focuses on two young agents -- Olive and Otto -- who solve problems when something unusual happens in their town. Each episode will focus on a different math concept.

"From recapturing a gallon-sized blob that has separated into smaller pieces, to dealing with a slew of unicorns, dinosaurs and wizards that have escaped from books, there is no occurrence that is too strange for the Odd Squad as they face off against various villains that wreak havoc around town," reads the release.

Can't wait to check it out!

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