Monday, May 20, 2013

7 Months Old!

Baby Will is 7 months old!
I know this monthly update comes closely on the heels of last month's 6 month post, but this picture is lighter, brighter and makes me really smile.

Plus, we have another update!

While picking Will up from daycare last week, I found out that he can sit up by himself. I figured he was on his way -- he is a super-fast crawler, after all -- but I hadn't seen his newest feat for myself. ... Until Saturday.

He sits up in the cutest way. Here's how he does it. While lying on his tummy, he pushes his chest and bottom up with his arms (like a little mini push-up). Then he gets his bottom higher and higher into the air, walks his little legs closer to his tummy, as if he's going to stand up, and then, PLOP! He plunks his bottom onto the floor, and voila! Sitting baby!

It's so funny and sweet to watch.

Even more funny and sweet? Watching CC and Will interact. They really make each other laugh. In fact, that's why I chose this photo. CC was behind me while I was taking it, and Will got a kick out of watching her put on a show.

Love my kiddos!

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