Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby's first Dodgers game!

It was root, root, root for the home team last week, when I took CC to her first L.A. Dodgers game with a group of journo friends.

CC kept saying "Baseball! Baseball!" and at one point insisted it was her turn to take the field.

Unfortunately, she didn't get her chance to score a home run (though not for lack of trying), but Manny Ramirez did against the San Francisco Giants, sending fans to their feet early in the game. Too bad the homer high didn't last. The Giants beat the Dodgers 8-4. Boo.

CC did, however, get to try out her 7th inning stretch, munch on some Cracker Jack and clap and howl when things were going the Dodgers' way -- and even when they weren't.

Don't tell Ian or my dad, though. Their blood runs N.Y. Yankee blue, in pinstripes at that.

In the meantime, for great Dodgers updates, check out my friend Jon Weisman's blog Dodger Thoughts over at the L.A. Times!

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