Monday, September 28, 2009

'Disney Live! Rockin' Road Show' brings bounce center stage

Mickey, Minnie and the gang loaded up the Disney bus and made their way to the Nokia Theatre this weekend for "Disney Live! Rockin' Road Show."

And on Saturday afternoon, CC and I definitely rocked ... but we mostly bounced. And by "we," I mean "she" -- we have our friend Tigger to thank for that one.

Yep, it wasn't just the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse crew that sang, danced and joked on stage. (What does rain wear under its clothes? ... Thunderwear! Thanks, Goofy.) The familiar quartet, which also included CC fave Donald Duck, ran into a few other Disney characters on their search for acts to star in a talent show.

Cinderella, her stepsisters and fairy godmother all made appearances, along with "Toy Story's" Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. And, of course, there was Mr. Bounce House himself -- T-I-double g-ERRRRRR!

CC was seriously like a wind-up toy when Tigger invited all the kids to bounce. She grabbed on to the seat in front of her and started to turbo hop. I almost got whiplash just watching her.

She also danced, clapped, sang and got her first taste of cotton candy (Meh. She can definitely live without it.) She also scored her first set of Mickey Mouse ears. A rite of passage in my book.

But before she hit the snooze button on her internal sleepy clock, CC still had the energy to tell me her favorite part of the show.

"Had fun jumping!"

And I had fun just watching her.

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Mom2Coy said...

plan on taking my two year old to this event. did you see any toddlers enjoying themselves? thinking i probably should have chosen playhouse instead?


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