Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Preschooler picks a Pinkberry

Despite not being able to see my child's face in this photo, it still makes me smile. To me, she somehow looks like a mini leprechaun dancing her version of the Pinkberry jig.

Last week, we carved out some free time to explore The Shops at Concert Park in Playa Vista, where there was a Pinkberry offering complimentary cups of its newest flavor during Mad About Mango Happy Hour.

Pinkberry can be an acquired taste, although Ian has preferred not to acquire it. Sure it's more sour than your average ice-cream flavored frozen yogurt, but when mixed with real fruit, I think it's a real treat. CC, too.

She ordered her mini mango cup topped with freshly cut mango and blueberries, while I opted for yogurt chips and coconut. (Yes, my child is healthier than I am. No complaints here.)

Afterward we took a little walk outside, where CC danced on the stone sidewalk and darted around rose bush planters.

Then it was back home for broccoli, Brussels sprouts and beets. No, really.

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